We say “Yes in My Back Yard” to good development outcomes that create thriving communities. We say yes to better living outcomes for Victorian communities.

YIMBY Vic is a platform to share different, positive and balanced perspectives in the development debate. Sharing ideas and lessons that challenge industry, policy makers and communities is critical to a meaningful dialogue, better community and intergenerational engagement, welcomPing cities and quality long term development outcomes.

What is YIMBY VIC?

YIMBY VIC, or “Yes In My Back Yard Victoria” was founded in 2017 and is part of a growing, global YIMBY network.

We want better development outcomes for Victorian communities, so our message is simple, we say YES.  Yes to more housing and community oriented infrastructure; yes to different housing choices; yes to more inclusive design processes and outcomes; yes to more sustainable outcomes; and yes to more connected and smarter infrastructure which supports communities, businesses and services necessary to make our cities and regions thrive.

YIMBY welcomes newcomers into our communities. As housing prices and rents escalate, the nature of employment changes, demand and options for transport and access drastically change and the need for sustainability urgently increases  YIMBYs have become a voice for citizens asking “What is my future in this City?”.

We believe there is the potential for a far more engaged, inclusive and responsive development approach. We believe this is essential to achieve good development outcomes. But YIMBY Vic is not yes to anything and everything. Quality is important. YIMBY Vic wants to inspire good development outcomes that feature YIMBY Vic qualities.

Yimby Vic Pillars

What qualities distinguish a YIMBY VIC outcome?

YIMBY VIC wants quality sustainable outcomes to be achieved for communities through good development. We are not saying yes to anything and everything – quality matters. We hope to inspire proactive, positive engagements.

We recognise the positive economic benefits that development brings through investment and job creation. However, we believe good development can deliver this and mean far more to our communities. This is what the 8 YIMBY Vic pillars represent.

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The YIMBY Movement

The YIMBY movement is a international, grass-roots community movement that has spread across North America and Europe as cities celebrate a culture of YES to good development outcomes.  

YIMBYism originated in New York in 2011, closely followed by Toronto and San Francisco’s Bay Area. It serves as an initiative to discuss, document and promote good development, and most critically to counter the often negative and somewhat relentless NIMBYism that exists within our local communities which continues to unreasonably influence development outcomes.

Planning frameworks influenced by the power and pervasiveness of NIMBYism are often

discouraging of developments that have the potential to provide for housing, jobs, lifestyle precincts and associated community benefits. When we build more and/or adapt what we have, we need to consider how to build better.

Can the Yimby movement solve the housing crisis?

Corporate Partners in Victoria

YIMBY Vic has been founded by individuals who professionally and personally believe in the potential for positive development outcomes and the power of engagement and collaboration in development.

The YIMBY Vic initiative is proudly brought to Victoria through the efforts and support of Commune + Co and Facta NV, innovative firms in the placemaking, development and infrastructure arenas.  These firms are resourcing the start-up of this initiative in Victoria to establish a range of YIMBY Vic platforms.