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YIMBY: The pro-development movement that’s made its way to Melbourne

It’s the great Australian dream – a home of your own with a big backyard. So when high-rise apartment buildings go up in those backyards, people start to get a bit, well, defensive. Protests and letters to council all with one familiar catch-cry; “not in my backyard” or, as it’s become known, NIMBY. But a new […]

More development? Yes please: Meet the Brisbane YIMBYs

For the uninitiated, NIMBY (which stands for Not In My BackYard) is a pejorative term that usually describes someone who is fiercely anti-development or anti-high-rise. A YIMBY (Yes In My BackYard) is the opposite. The movement is thought to have been born in New York in response to NIMBYism – and it has found its way […]

Rise of the yimbys: the angry millennials with a radical housing solution

They see themselves as progressive housing activists. Critics call them stooges for luxury developers. Meet the new band of millennials who are priced out of cities and shouting: ‘Yes in my back yard’ When a woman stood up and waved a courgette in the air at a City of Berkeley council meeting this summer, complaining […]

The Great Australian Nightmare: Consequences of a cultural conundrum

THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN NIGHTMARE: CONSEQUENCES OF A CULTURAL CONUNDRUM Australian housing has traditionally been defined by the quarter acre block. The dream of purchasing your own home with a large backyard is still very much a part of the collective cultural consciousness and is regularly seen as a ‘need’ rather than a ‘want’. In Melbourne, […]